Friday, April 1, 2011

Meaning Without God

Finding meaning for your life is the simplest thing for some people. They have a talent or passion since they were capable of consciousness, and they understand that this thing gives their life a purpose. Even still, despite this overall certainty, they may encounter situations where their certainty wavers. Many other people have very little clues as to what they want their life to be about, what gives them meaning and purpose for living. They may drift throughout their lives on automatic pilot until jolted with the realization that they live without passion or purpose, without that something or someone that makes their lives enjoyable every day.

If they do realize that their lives have been running on auto pilot, what do they do? How do they find out what will bring their lives meaning and purpose? What if they're informed that if they don't believe in the most popular god of the time, their lives will be meaningless no matter what they do?

I hope to give direction to many of these people. Those who are godless or who are simply unconvinced that any particular religion is correct have few options in the world as far as advice regarding personal meaning. Most self-help books or articles speak of the importance of "faith" and "spirituality" or "god." I hope to provide people with hope for meaning without these traits that, in my opinion, are not only unnecessary, but can be harmful to one's overall perception of life, meaning, purpose and goodness.

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